Friday, September 10, 2010

Soda Lemon Ginger Pop LPHS on de taaap.

My school didnt give us a farewell.
I mean what kind of a chindi school does that?

All through Podar. When were stuck in 12-D, a claustrophobic class of 20 girls and 1 boy, all we really wanted to do was to get the hell out of there.

Now it seems as though we are out of a hell hole only to fall into the dirty sewer of the over rated "real world".

We made movies in Podar. We started a movement to create awareness against child rights and instead of just limiting it to colourful papers of our spiral bound project we actually went around municipal schools and orphanages staging plays and singing and dancing for the lil' kids encouraging them to dream big. We played bhojpuri dumbcharades. We saw tribal porn (well almost) to get in depth knowlegde about the tribes of Andaman and Nicobar islands. We assumed that the bad moods of our teachers was directly proportional to their non existant sex lives and PMS issues. We went through a long day looking forward to downing pepsi, gorging on schezwan cheese frankie made by the nepali man with orange hair and having orange candy, 3 things which defined our after school activities and also reflected in our growing waistlines. But who cared. We were in Podar. And life and all its hassels could wait.

When jaishree who btw is the head of the department for english has hair like snape and shares my birthday, would come into our class to lecture us about our disappointing performance in the exam that we just gave or when were burdened with project work that we thought would just never end, all we really wanted to do was kill ourselves or kill them or both.

Podar gave us vivum. Podar gave us the freedom to choose who and what we wanted to be. Somewhere along the way,while we were busy taking notes Renita gave us and sniggering about her sailor husband who favoured the sea to her, during vasanthi's economics classes when she told us how mohanram her hero and husband had taught her this chapter and we should probably try and get the best of her before she forgot it, during Geena's poetry lessons when she tried to explain the concept of "sweet moans" to us, failing miserably as she related it to her sex life and ours (?),when Geeta would go on and on about her family and family friends and friends of friends in delhi and dehradun etc. We sat raptured in our seats. Amused. Amazed. We never thought what the NEXT phase would be like. We hoped it would be better but is it? We believed in the heart of our hearts that time would not fly by so quickly. That we would have a moment to pause. To reflect.

Today I sit here in Delhi (or the big D as my friends call it) 719.53 miles away from mumbai,away from home,away from all the madness,laughs and tears. Why would I voluntarily move? Well thats a story for another time.

Ps: I am totally crashing my juniors ka farewell. That is if they have one.
Pps : I am sorry for not being regular with my posts. I am supremely lazy. But I shall try and post a lil' oftener.