Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Things I should not have done, But I went ahead and did them anyway

So it had been really long since I last posted something and I thought that now you guys qualify as the privileged few and should to know more about me. You see the thing is I am what they call an over thinker, I think, re-think and over think things way way too much but that is all after I have already done what should never have been done in the first place. Sad but true. Here's a list.

  1. Tried explaining the story of twilight the vampire love saga to my dad over the phone

Me : So there is this girl she falls in love with a guy, who is a vampire, he loves her but wants to eat her as well..

* Long pause on the other side*

2. Dispensed relationship advice on the radio.

RJ : My friend vicky has been dumped, he is upset, what should he do? (OR something like that)

I thinking that I am this major love guru use phrases like Many other fish in the sea, Move on, GET A LIFE! on the RADIO.

RJ : wow, you sound so level headed for a 16 year old.

Me : Yeah, I study psychology. (WHAT WAS I THINKING!!!)

Next day while going to school

My neighbour : Hi, red one from podar studying psychology.

Yeah. Out of all the millions of people in mumbai, My geeky neighbour heard that show.FANTASTIC.

3. Texted my geography tution teacher instead of my friend saying :

FUCK!! I am only done with 3 pages I hate GEOGRAPHY!

The woman read out the text in the class. It was so hard not to laugh!

4. Said " Mumbai is growing vertically 'coz it cannot grow horizontally anymore" in a compitition where I was representing the city, wearing a navaree and all.

5. Written this post during the study leave of my 12th std. Board examinations.

Although there are alot of times when I wish I could rewind,undo and fast forward my life, yet these incidents are what make me who I am and I would rather have it this way than any other.


  1. Haha.
    I tried explaining the basic plot of twilight to Ameya.

    Ameya: "How do they make love then if he can't bite her?"

    What's a navaree? :0

    When 12th finishes,we shall get on with our business.Manish wants to be the 'food-guy'.Whatever that means.

  2. And you are my PR person.

  3. :)

    Ameya is just Ameya, since when is cannibalism a part of the act of "love making"?!

    A navaree is that koli saree that women in maharashtra supposedly wear!

    And manish is going to eat more than he will ever serve us! But what the hell the more the merrier!!!

    With radio(:p), internet and other things being in your favour I dont think you could've got a better PR!:P

    Thanks for reading :)

  4. Thanks for reading? :O
    Chal na don't go all formal with me woman!:D

    Arre I guess he meant 'love bites' but I'm not sure.

    Ohhh yess..
    I always find that saree very overtly sexual.
    And it looks uncomfortable.
    Like you know,like you're walking with a saddle between your legs.

    Hahah manish.
    Btw I don't care if he is the foodman.
    But WHO will pay for the foood??????????

  5. even i need someone to explain twilight...
    nice post..
    i like the name..adha papad :-)

  6. Just a thought, was ur geeky neighbour the same one from my erstwhile law class? Because if it was, THEN your luck really was bad!!