Friday, January 8, 2010

"All women become like their mothers. That is their tragedy. No man does. That's his. " - Oscar Wilde.

" I hate living alone with my dad. It makes me feel like I am becoming more and more like my mother." said Jo. Jo is my best friend forever who I have known since I was in 5th grade, she knows me in an out, and is basically the best thing that happend to mankind since chocolate. But thats not the point, the point is that subconsciously we have started to become what we never wanted to be.

Now dont get me wrong its great to idolize your parents but seriously,everytime we dont get what we want and our parents manage to completely piss us off, dont we always think to ourselves how we are NEVER going to let that happen to OUR kids.

During one of our frequent visits MacD' Jo, Khyati (Now she's the most sarcastic,practical and simple person I know, a rare kind in today's plastic world) and I thought of names from A-Z (for both boy and girl) for Jo's future kid. We even decided that if her husband doesnt approve of our choice of names then he was to be abandoned asap.

I was watching So you think you can dance? and this woman danced like magic, and I thought to myself, " Woah, I am so gonna make my kid learn dayancing". (Oh other thing we pronounce dance as dayance but that story is for some other time.)

Thats when it hit me, " dude why Am I planning my non existant-for-a-really-long time-to-come kid's future?", You know those ambitious mums you see outside school and thank the good lord that your mum isnt that way? the kind who enrolls the child in every class possible and the kind whose children suffer under the burden of her expectations and ambition?

See the thing is, like shahrukh said in kuch kuch hota hai, "You live once", so why not fulfill all your dreams, wild fantasies and do the things that we really want to do OURSELVES rather than wait for our progeny to live OUR dreams? That kid-to-be should just chill and think for him/herself dont you think?

PS: Now this could be one of those ahead of its time posts but what the hell some food for thought isnt it?.


  1. Given what you said,
    I'm going to train my child to be a ninja assassin at the age of 2 and then destroy more than half of mankind.
    THEN he/she can chill.

    Notice how my comment is non sexist.

  2. Ok my intention was not to piss you or anyone else off.

    Its just that I have seen women charting out their future and the future of their kids and thought it was something I could write about.
    I am not saying Men are idiots or that they should become like women etc. I didnt think it would come out as a sexist post.


    Peace. *waves white flag, releases a dove, makes the \/ sign*

  3. "I have two readers and I dont want to piss them off.I even went on to do the whole 'peace out' thing."

    Red,you are laughter.