Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Nishant has eggs and manish is pregnant

Nishant : Dude I dont understand why they call balls balls.

Me : :S

Nishant : Yeah If you go to see they are not exactly balls,they are more egg like.

Us: Nishant you have eggs.

All through the bus ride

Aakriti : Eggs to you man!

JT : So do you want omlette?

Me : Nishant will be the one ovulating in his relationship.

Aakriti : Eggjactly.

JT : *points to a random place* That place serves awesome EGG bhurji.

Guess who can never eat eggs anymore?

Manish *distributing chocolates randomly*

Me : Good news hai kya? *touches his stomach* Arrey this baby is kicking!

Manish : Main maa banne wali hoon. Bhakti you are having a sibling.

Other people start saying *All izz well*

Someone : But your stomach isnt growing!?

Me : Sperms are slow.

That day Manish made me buy a Mango dolly ice cream worth 20 bucks coz he was "craving " for it and I had to settle for the poor cousin - Orange Candy worth 5 bucks.

^ Manish and Nishant.

Nishant is the kind of guy who makes a spoon out of paper if you dont have a spoon to eat the awesome andorra's chicken fried rice. Geeta the english teacher calls him a chick magnet. Geeta is old and sex deprived. But Nishant IS a good guy and he can put his fist in his mouth. NO, he really can!

Manish is way too sensible for his Body Mass Index, but in his defense he is growing. I have known him since the last 7 years. I am his broker and I call him maniaaa *bihari accent*. All the mothers really like him.

Those are the kind of guys we have in podar, one has egg shaped balls the other one has been impregnated by alien forces, but we love them, just the way they are. :)


  1. hahah i was there that time.

    dude what is with nishant and balls?
    We were standing outside Irla village and a cow passed by and nishant was like-"look at the balls on that thing man."
    And i had to look.
    He made me look.
    They were huge man.

    Remember when Manish dropped ketchup on his shirt and the ketchup stain just wouldn't go and I asked him if he's got girl problems..haha who would know!


    soumya always stands in the line for me.
    Cuz its always crowded and i tell her i'm getting squished by all the tall people.

  3. Hehe..!
    Yeah man Andorra's is awesome.
    And who would have thought a ketchup stain can lead to so many things.Nishant toh is like that only. But where is Irla village, I stay like 3 mins away from it and have NO clue, what men.

    I dont like eco.Kill me.

  4. haha nishant the chick magnet!

    And Irla village is..
    Umm...you cross the road from the petrol pump.
    And then you see a narrow gully with cows inside.
    There's a blackboard inside that says -"Earla villas"

  5. lol....This is so nice. I need to read ur blog to laugh.
    ah! nice one. keep writing :D

  6. @ aritry- thanks for reading :) I am not that regular but I shall try :)