Thursday, January 7, 2010

"Gyaan Is to be batoed" - Elastic chaddi buddy :)

After 12 years (or more?) Of schooling there are some things that I realized :-

  • Math never was/is my cup of coffee/tea/buttermilk.
  • Decision making is not my thing.
  • Friends/bitches/ambition/lovestruck weirdness nothing lasts forever.
  • Shit happens.

My mental state now?

" The paper fucked me so hard I feel like a slut " - Shayan Roy.

Oh my 12th std prelims are going on.I should be studying and Mayawati should be in jail but clearly none of the two are happening any time soon. So now that you are here might as well read something and realize "woah! life globally is the same Bitch".


  1. HAHAH...
    Typical YOU!

    I suck at math too.
    And i should be studying too.
    Life is globally a bitch.